If you are

having any of the following 4 symptoms,
then we have a cure!



Cervical pain

Generalised Weakness




Gas, Acidity or IBS

Sleep Disturbance

Feeling Sad

Feel like weeping


Having more then 4 symptoms?


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Why Body & Mind Clinics are Different?

  • The only Body & Mind clinic being promoted by Ph.D doctors. The founder of Body & Mind Clinics, Dr H S PAL, PhD, is in the medical field from the last 30 years, and is well versed with different medical problems affecting body and mind of a patient. Dr. Shaveta Tewari Bharadwaj, PhD, Dr. Atul Madan, PhD and Dr. Chandesh Kumar, PhD., all contributed a lot to raise this platform.

  • We at B&M know what many family physicians don’t know. Different Researches done by WHO (World Health Organisation) and many other scientists have revealed that family physicians fail to identify the hidden cause of a medical problem. Doctors go on treating symptoms only, not the underlying cause. They treat you, not cure you. We at B&M find the hidden cause and treat them accordingly.

Concept behind ‘Body & Mind Clinics’

  • Body & Mind Clinics primarily emphasis on ‘Body-Mind Connection’, and the diseases revolving around it. A lot of studies in recent time have proved that a major root cause of the problems affecting your Body is your Mind, and vice versa. In simple words, a patient visit a doctor with a physical problem like headache or cervical pain, and doctor starts the treatment with some pain killers or muscle relaxant, without realising the fact that these problems can be a manifestation of some underlying problem originated from the Mind.